Be unique with a custom website design!


Most clients have no idea where to start when it comes to purchasing what is needed for a custom website, and why should they? That is our job. Get your free quote today and let us show you what we can make possible on a tight budget.

Below is the general process we use when a new client comes to us for a website.


Evaluation and Consulation

The very first step is to get your free Quote to provide us with as much detail as possible. Will you be taking online payments, selling online, or will your site be simply informational? Are there specific features you want or need? These are important factors we need in order to determine the type of web hosting, domain names, and security procedures to put in place prior to starting the design and development process. And, these are necessary to provide you with the most accurate project quote. 

Planning and Purchasing

Once we have determined your needs, we will have you create a account without buying anything at this point.  You will provide us the email you signed up with and we will shop for you to ensure you get what you need. We will always verify the final pricing with you first.  At this point, we will also talk to you about your competitors and your goals related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Click here to create your GoDaddy account

Design Options

Once all of your technology needs are in place, we will discuss what you want in a website design. We will ask you questions based on a number of factors such as colors, features, layout, products, etc. If you do not have a logo, now is the time for us to begin designing one.  Branding is as important as the website itself, if not more so.


Now that we have everything in place, and we know what you are looking for, we will begin to design and develop a website for you. This process can take anywhere from 30-45 days. We will provide you with a sample design that doesn't include "real" content yet so that you can see where we are going. If you do not like the layout at this point, we will move in another direction.

Content, Keywords and Phrases

Next, you will begin sending us the page-by-page content you want us to use for the final website. We make this process as easy as we can. You can do through email or you can do it via a form we will provide to you where you can type, upload, or copy/paste the content we will use. We then place this content where it should go, add images, videos, and other media elements. We may ask for more content if what you send doesn't seem to be enough to rank well with search engines. Keep in mind that content is king in website design!

Test, Test, and Launch

Now it is time for us to test your site on multiple platforms to ensure it displays as we planned. This is also the time to test any forms, credit card processing, and other functionality to determine if everything is ready to go. Then, with your final approval, we will launch your site!

Are you ready to move forward with your website?

Request your free quote and include as much detail as you can for us to properly provide you with the most accurate quote.