Graphic Design & Printing Services

Graphic Design Services for print and web

Graphic Designs for Web and Print, and full printing and delivery service for most products. Your one stop shop for all things Graphic Design.

Great design is a key element in communicating your message and brand to your customers. We can create nearly any kind of web and print design you need including logos, social networking banners, fliers, brochures, business cards, restaurant menus, event tickets, stickers, posters, letterhead, folders, notepads, and much, much more!

We also handle the printing and shipping for the majority of the work we design.

We have a huge amount of experience across the whole spectrum of print delivery, and can help you decide the best approach for your project.

Making a great first impression is paramount to your success.

Details about our graphics services

Logo Design

Custom, vector, logo design packages generally consist of two or three custom concepts with two revisions. Start new, or rebrand your business.

Graphics for Print

Print graphics for promotional materials including but never limited to: business cards, brochures, apparel, restaurant menus, event tickets, programs, posters, stickers, letterhead, cups, etc.

Promotional Materials

We can create and print for just about any occasion or need. Whether you are looking for paper stock products like business cards or merchandise with your logo and designs, we have you covered.

Graphics for Web

Web graphics for outside web design projects, customized display images for your website, custom social networking graphics, email template graphics, and more

Printing Service

Not only do we design your graphics for print, but in most cases we will handle the professional printing and delivery for you as well. Stock up today on your business promotional materials in time for the holidays!

Needs not listed?

If there is something graphic design related that is not listed here, chances are we can do it. Simply contact us including the details of the project and we provide you with further information.

Graphic Design Questions

What do you need to start my graphic design project?

To start a graphic design/logo project, we simply require you to sign a basic contract, put down a one-third deposit and send us any materials we may need that you can provide, as well as details of what you are looking for, including examples if available.

The more details you provide, the cheaper the project becomes as we have more direction in what we are designing rather than starting from scratch.

Logo Designs usually end up costing between $220-350 depending upon complexity and number of revisions.

Why not send us some basic details today and let us provide you more information and a close estimate? Contact us here. 

What is Branding?

Branding is all about identifying and communicating the core values of your business, and what you can deliver to your clients. Put simply, your brand becomes your business “personality” and if presented correctly, its reputation.

A strong brand can make your business stand out from the crowd, particularly in competitive markets. We can help you build a successful brand by developing your visual identity and marketing collateral, and also by helping you craft your message and approach to provide you with a strong, coherent brand image.

What is the difference in RGB and CMYK?

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is a four-color process model, which is used for color printing. RGB (red, green, blue) is a color model that is used for displaying images on electronic systems, including computers and televisions.

When implementing graphic design for print, all images and assets must be converted to CMYK color in order to print properly. This is done in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. When images are converted into CMYK color, they may not be as vivid and vibrant as they were displayed on the screen.

Always note that color matching from a screen and an in-person view of an ink will never match completely. This is due to the color and monitor displays.

Images vs Vector Graphics

It’s essential to understand that images are made up of pixels, whereas vector based graphics are made up of paths. Vector graphics are able to be used at larger sizes without losing quality or resolution. In graphic design, the main difference between vector graphics and images is that vector based graphics aren’t made up of pixels. Instead, they are made up of these paths that allow unlimited upsizing without loss of quality, or pixelation.

High resolution vs low resolution images

Resolution, you probably have heard, has to do with a graphic’s clarity and sharpness. In basics, resolution is associated with the ink dots (pixels) that make up your image. In graphic design, these pixels are called DPI (dots per inch).

High resolution is 300 dpi (dots per inch), whereas low resolution pictures are less than 300 dpi. Images that are in high resolution provide a clearer picture, due to the concentrated and tight combination of dots per inch (DPI).

Conversely, you’ll notice more dots on a low resolution image and the picture won’t be as precise. In graphic design, low resolution images are going to look pixelated, blurry and not as clear-cut as high resolution images.

High resolution images are needed for print design in order to produce crisp, clear images. Lower resolution images can be used for web.You cannot change a low resolution to be high resolution in graphic design. There is no way to add pixels to a low resolution image.

I designed my logo using Word and an image editor. Will this work?

For the purposes of having a logo and being able to use it for professional print design, unfortunately a logo designed in Word, or any other program that does not build in paths and saves as a vector graphic, will not work.

Clipart, just like any low resolution image, will pixelate during print and you will not be happy with the result. Vector graphics allow for crisp, clean, and clear graphics no matter how large, or small, we make them.

If you have a logo you designed and you really love it, we can use what you created and redesign in a vector format. This option will be a little cheaper since we already have the design we need to create.

Do you print at your location?

No. We use a third party professional printer.

We have used the same company for many years and have never been disappointed in their work.

And, we can be cheap! So, let us know what you are looking for and we will help you pick out the best paper stock and finishes to ensure your project looks great and stays within your budget!

Some of our Logo Designs

Looking for some cool graphic designs? Or, want to print some stuff?

Whether a logo, business cards, or any other web, print, or promotional item, we are ready to design, and print, for you!