Be unique with a custom website design!


As part of a website that you will be proud of, custom graphics are needed to help your website make it's point and market to those who are interested. Branding is another essential part of business. You need a logo. We do logo design, web and print graphics, and custom graphics for all occasions!

Dapper Graphic Designs

Graphic Design processAs mentioned above, your business, talent, or nonprofit will require several graphic designs including a logo, business cards, brochures, promotional items with your logo, rack cards, event flyers, web graphics, and a ton of other options are available.  

We provide all of these services for you. More examples are listed below. And, you can see some of the graphic designs we have created by visiting our portfolio. (More to be added soon.) 


Graphic Designs

Graphic design is an important part of building your custom website and branding your company, nonprofit, or talent. Our designs are professional and affordable.

  • Logo design
  • Website graphics
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Promo Materials
  • Ad Banners
  • Social Networking Graphics
  • Other Custom Graphics

Dapper Web Designs has a strong focus on small businesses, nonprofits, and related sites and projects, which are usually underserved and overcharged markets.

We make the same commitment to you for graphic designs as we do website design. We help underserved and overcharged markets. This includes websites for nonprofits, small businesses, talent sites (artists, musicians, writers, etc.), and other websites for businesses with relatively lower budgets than large corporations.