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While we do not do videography, we do create promotional videos, video compilations, photo and video slideshows, all with audio and music optional.

About our Video Services

Did you know that Video Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message out?

Either a commercial or a web clip or something to give as a gift, Dapper Web Designs now offers Video Production Services.

Since this is a relatively new service we are providing, our fees are negotiable at the moment to attract new clients to show them what we can do. Fees are based on the difficulty of the project and the length. 

Please note that we do NOT actually shoot the video. We work with the video, and photos, audio, music, once it has been shot to create a glamorous product.

We have provided some simple videos we have created so far. Others are coming really soon. We just have to upload them. And, some contain copyrighted music which YouTube will not allow. In these instances we are replacing the music with general non-copyrighted content. The final product isn't as powerful, but it shows you what we can do.

We have created numerous video and photo slideshows for funeral services in Delaware. While we never want to profit from death, the final product is something you and your family will always cherish.